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Country Guitar Chops is the home to a variety of well constructed, and easy to understand instructional videos. These lessons are designed to teach everyone who wants to learn how to play country guitar, a simple, no nonsense method for playing lead and rhythm, from hot "Chicken Pickin" to nice slow ballads.

Available in DVD or download format, each lesson is played over a popular progression, so you can hear how the guitar licks work in context with the music. This method of teaching is far more effective than just than other video lessons that only show you how to play licks without hearing the music behind them.

Ken Carlson, a professional guitarist, has been playing for more than 40 years. His unique approach to teaching guitar has helped thousands of guitarists all over the world. His influences include great pickers from the old days like Don Rich, James Burton and Roy Nichols, as well as others like Albert Lee, Ray Flacke and Vince Gill, not to mention today's hot country guitar pickers, including Brent Mason, Brad Paisley and many more.
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With more than 40 years of experience I've Adapted a method and style for playing  guitar that allows me to quickly and easily navigate the neck, allowing me to play faster, smoother, and not get “locked up” in the middle of a solo. This method has also worked for countless other guitar players and it will work for you too. Just read some of the hundreds of testimonials to see what others  say !
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Hi Ken! These DVD's are amazing! There's a wealth of knowledge here for such a cheap price! I wish I'd had these when I was a kid! Thank you so much for what you do! I played with the band Ricochet for 3 years and wished that I could do half of the stuff that Heath Wright was doing beside me every night! Maybe now I can get a little closer!
Kenny Lewis

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