Beginner Country Guitar Lessons
I put together this beginner country guitar lessons course about ten years ago and  I sold it online for $40, but now I'm going to let you have it for free. These lessons are not just for playing country guitar. The basics apply to all styles of music, no matter which style you want to play. Enjoy these lessons and feel free to leave a comment!
Free Beginner Guitar Lessons
Welcome To Country Guitar Chops Beginner Lessons
Guitar Types
Guitar Strings
How To Change Strings
Installing New Strings
How To Tune The Guitar
Guitar Picks
Basic Music Notation
How To Read Chord Diagram
How To Read TAB
Basic Music Theory
Proper Wrist Position
E Chord
A Chord
E and A Chords Together
Play Your First Song
Proper Playing Habits
D Chord
A and D Chord Jam 1
A and D Chord Jam 2
E A D Chord Jam
G Chord
C Chord
G and C Chord Jam 1
G C D Chord Jam
G C D Chord Jam 2
Major Open Chord Jam
More Lessons Coming Soon!
At this time I have not made a Beginners Guitar Video Course, and I wanted to offer something to aspiring guitarists who would like to take their playing a little more seriously. So, I've done a lot of research and have concluded that Gibson's "Learn And Master Guitar" Course is the one that I would recommend. There are many other videos out there, but this is the most complete course I've found.
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Parts Of The Guitar
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