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George Strait's - The Fireman Solo
Merle Haggards "Mama Tried" Guitar Solo
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Descending Scale Roll Lick
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Hi, Ken Here.
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Hi Ken, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know I'm sending a check in order to purchase Pickin Like Paisley cd set. I already have three of your other dvd's and all I can say is THANKS for these AWESOME products! My arsenal of licks has grown tremendously. Waiting anxiously. Your friend in music.
Curtis Wyble
You've obviously put a lot of time into the DVD and I appreciate it so much.... this is exactly what I was looking for in terms of how a solo is constructed and the theory/chords positions involved, as opposed to just learning a "hot lick" or two in a vacuum and then being left with no idea where to put it in a practical way.

This is a great DVD filled with a ton of information. Ken Carlson is a pro guitarist who used to play in Nashville with the Don Kelley Band on Lower Broadway, so he really knows whats what. This instructional DVD is fully in the "Modern Country" style and covers a song in G that has the same changes as "Truck Drivin' Man".

The licks aren't easy to play up to speed, so in order to benefit from this DVD one needs to put some time in on it... Ken goes into great detail in terms of playing over particular chords as well as the techniques behind each lick.

I'm getting alot out of this DVD and highly recommend it. There are also a bunch of free videos on his website as well, along with a full length video of the complete song that Ken teaches in the DVD. AJ
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