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Fake "Overlay" Nails For Guitar Players
Hey Everyone! I thought I would share what little information I have about using fake nails for playing the guitar. When I started using them years while living in Nashville, I wore the glue-on type that you simply glue on top of your nails. They are very soft and wear away fast, and they look pretty bad too.

So I experimented with the acrylic and fiberglass style overlay products and settled on the acrylics. I used it for years but resently switched over to using the gel overlay. The stuff I have now works real real. It's very hard and doesn't wear down easy.

And best of all, it doesn't come off, which was a common problem I had with the acrylics. They would pop off in the middle of a gig night, and if I didn't have some super glue handy I was up the creek without the paddle. So, if your thinking about using the fake nails, I would suggest checking out the gels.
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