Another Chicken Guitar Lesson Pickin Lick In G


Here’s a lick from my “Modern Chicken Pickin” course. It’s the first lick in verse one. I used the lick to go from the G (root) chord, to the C (4 chord) of   the progression. As I explained in this short video, you can break the lick in half and change it around in many ways. With a little work   and experimenting, you could modify this lick to work in many ways. You can resolve it in the same key (G), go to the C chord, D chord,   and just about any other chord that a similar progression would have, such as an Em. You can play this lick anywhere on the neck as well. The only open string is the last note of the lick which is an open A note. Just   substitute that note for another that sounds good to you according to the chord progression you are playing to.


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