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Country Lead Guitar Course

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Ain't Livin' Long Like This

Waylon Jennings / Rodney Crowell

Mystery Train - 5 Smokin' Hot Solos!

In The Style Of Vince Gill & James Burton!

Country Guitar Lessons

Country Guitar Chops offers the most comprehensive line of country guitar lessons available today. You can purchase these lessons as DVD or Download format, or join the Online Members Section and have 24/7 access to all of them. These guitar lessons are geared toward someone who plays an electric guitar, but you can play most of the stuff I teach on the acoustic as well. All the country guitar lessons include Tablature and Jam Tracks. Available on DVD, Download and in Members Section.

Bought Ken’s course about a week ago. This was exactly what I needed. Been playing for many years and can transcribe fairly well but I never really got how each note fit into which chords as the changes go by, and was always in a bit of a mystery as to how some of these players came up with the lines that they do. In the course Ken breaks down each lick to show you which chord shapes or intervals the line derives from so you can get into the mind of the improviser.

This has really caused a great improvement in how I look at improvising lines and has improved my ability to solo through chord changes tremendously. It’s actually pretty amazing how much more clarity this has given me, just from a few hours of his member lessons. So, it’s not just teaching you licks and songs like most “lessons.” He shows you why… very helpful.

Alan Cosens

Country Guitar Online Lessons

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Preview Our Country Guitar Lessons

Below are just a few preview examples of the many lessons and courses here at Country Guitar Chops. Click on any of the lessons listed below to see a preview page of this lesson as it appears in the online members section. If you prefer the DVD or Download versions, please go the DVD Store Page.

Vince Gill Oklahoma Borderline guitar lesson

Lead Guitar Course

Beginner to Intermediate

Dwight Yoakam Little Sister Guitar Lesson

Rhythm Guitar Course

Country Rhythm Patterns

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Master The Fretboard

Using CAGED System

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Modern Chicken Pickin'

Hot Licks & Technique

Merle Haggard Stay Here and Drink Guitar Lesson

Pickin' Like Paisley

In The Style Of Brad

Vince Gill Oklahoma Borderline guitar lesson

Junior Brown

Highway Patrol

Dwight Yoakam Little Sister Guitar Lesson

Dwight Yoakam

Fast As You

Merle Haggard Stay Here and Drink Guitar Lesson

Waylon Jennings

Hank Done It This Way

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Vince Gill/Buck Owens

Foolin’ Around

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Mama Tried

Merle Haggard

Dwight Yoakam Little Sister Guitar Lesson

Dwight Yoakam

Little Sister

Merle Haggard Stay Here and Drink Guitar Lesson

Merle Haggard

Stay Here & Drink

Vince Gill Oklahoma Borderline guitar lesson

Vince Gill

Oklahoma Borderline

Vince Gill Oklahoma Borderline guitar lesson

Workin Man Solo Ideas

4 Smokin’ Solos

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Ricky Skaggs

Highway 40 Blues

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

George Strait

Love Bug

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Alan Jackson

Mercury Blues

Vince Gill Oklahoma Borderline guitar lesson

Mud On The Tires

Brad Paisley

Vince Gill Oklahoma Borderline guitar lesson

Vince Gill

Little Liza Jane

Alan Jackson Mercury Blues Guitar Lesson

Merle Haggard

Bottle Let Me Down

All Lessons Are Available in DVD, Download, and Online Members Section.


Country Lead Guitar Course

For Beginners and Intermediate

The Most Comprehensive Country Lessons Available

Learn How To Play Country Lead Guitar

This course was an instant hit with all the CGC online members and customers as soon as it was released, and still remains the favorite course today. And for good reason.. These simply are the most in-depth

Country Guitar Lessons Available!

Read What Other Guitar Players Are Saying

“Hi Ken! These guitar lessons are amazing! There’s a wealth of knowledge here for such a cheap price! I wish I’d had these when I was a kid! Thank you so much for what you do! I played with the country band Ricochet for 3 years and wished that I could do half of the stuff that Heath Wright was doing beside me every night! Maybe now I can get a little closer! “  Kenny Lewis

Hi Ken, Congratulations on the new country lead course! I just want to tell you once again how much I LOVE being a member of CGC. I have learned so much about country guitar playing from you, and I play in a country – rock band and teach country guitar lessons full time! The $25 I pay every 3 months is ridiculously low and worth far more. Thanks a lot!  Jim Greer – Narrow Gauge Band

Hey Ken, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your guitar lessons.  I am a female and I play lead guitar in a “all girl “ ban, and finding good song lessons is hard as most of them are for guy singers.

I have gotten more out of your guitar lessons than everything I have tried before I found you.  Our kite trip team truly playing at a level I thought I would never achieve.  Please keep up the good work and keep those “girl” songs coming too! Thank you very much!!  –  Kim Birdsong

I’m becoming almost obsessed with all these amazing tools that you provided me with man! Its about 3:30am now here in Johannesburg and I’m getting ready for bed, but I’ve been practicing and jamming to your DVD since about 9pm last night and I just can’t seem to get enough! Thanks again Ken for everything!  –  Peet / Australia

Hi Ken! Wow, what a coincidence, just a couple of days ago I thought to myself how cool it would be to have some kind of tutorial how to improvise country guitar solos! So far you did a great job in bringing me on becoming a much better player, but I’ m still not able to play „free“ or improvise. Then your offer appeared! Perfect! Looking forward to get new stuff from my favorite guitar teacher, you’ ll hear from me as soon as possible! Once again, thanks for all the hard work you put into these brilliant courses each one is well worth every cent! Best regards! – John S.

The material in the course is simply great, outstanding, really clear to understand and easy to implement. I’d say it’s simply the best country lead guitar course I’ve ever used. I now UNDERSTAND what I’m doing, I’m not simply playing licks, or someone else’s written solo, now I can create my own stuff. I’d previously had a go at some of your free lessons as a sampler, but they’re quite hard in taken in isolation, but the Beginner Lead Guitar Course builds everything in context. Excellent. Many, many thanks. –  Stuart Neal

Hello Ken, I wanted to express my gratitude for your guitar lessons. I’m a female lead guitarist in an all-female band, and finding suitable song lessons can be challenging. Your lessons have been a game-changer, and I’m achieving a level of playing I never thought possible. Your support means a lot. Also, I’ve found EssayWriter music essay service to be helpful for my music studies. Thanks a ton! Mikel Boateng

Hello Ken! These guitar lessons are incredible – so much value for the price. I only wish I had access to this when I was younger! Thank you for what you provide. I’ve been playing in a country band for three years and often wished I could do more. Now, maybe I can get closer to my musical goals. It’s like someone offering to “write my essay for me” in the world of music! –  Emma Stewart

Hi Ken,

Congratulations on the new country lead course! I wanted to express my deep appreciation for being a part of CGC. Your guidance has been invaluable for my country guitar skills. I even teach country guitar full-time now and play in a country-rock band. Thanks to CGC, I can now write my paper online about music with confidence! –  Bart Moreno

Over 700 Videos & Thousands Of Country Guitar Licks

The online members section has more than 650 Instructional Videos and growing. These country guitar lessons and courses range from short little “Lick” lessons ranging from 2 to 30 minutes long, and the song lessons range between 20 to 90 minutes. The Technique courses are anywhere from an hour and a half to over 9 hours long.

Learn How To Play Country Lead Guitar Today!

More Testimonials From CGC Customers and Members

Hi Ken, I just wanted to send you an email about the Liza Jane lesson I bought yesterday. I have downloaded videos from time to time, and always got something from them but was always let down with long winded speeches that had nothing to do with the material and lessons that had nothing to do with the licks that I paid for. With that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed your video. You give just the right amount of info with exactly what I want to learn. ..( namely that Mason solo, ha). Anyway, thanks again…excellent product and instruction and I’ll make sure that I tell all my friends and customers about you.  Sammy Smith – Smith Custom Amps

I’d like to thank you for what you’ve been doing for all of us. I’ve been plunging into Country music not so long ago, after being able to overcome the first steps into it. Your videos have been of significant importance to me and i’ll sure keep on following you . Thanks again! –  Chris Angels

“This video and the licks are so good! With these three videos (Chicken Pickin, Folsom and Workin Man) in the keys of G, E and A, you’ve really helped me a lot in becoming a much better country guitar player. All that’s left to do is some practicing.Still working on Folsom, but yesterday I played the rock (jam track) tune and started improvising. I like the way you force me into thinking and playing. These videos will last a long time!!!”  Michael Holmlund – Sweden

I just spent my weekend listening to every DVD in Ken’s new Beginner/Intermediate Country Lead Guitar Course & it is outstanding!!! Highly recommended to all guitarists of all experience levels!! –  Roderick Paul Robin

Hi Ken, – Kenny Scarborough here. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your country guitar lessons and teaching.  Have to be honest brother, at 63 and have played for 40+ years, I’ve worked for a number of artists through the years, Clay Walker, Johnny Lee and a few others.  My friend there not many I would “pay” to listen to and learn from,… but you are definitely the best for my money.

Kenny Scarborough

“I’m really enjoying my Mastering The Fret Board lessons. I feel like I will get better on the guitar using your lessons. In fact I can see it now. I have been stuck in a rut for a long time, if I didn’t love the guitar so much I probably would have quit by now. Thanks for all your help, I have high hopes for some better playing after these lessons.”  Jevon



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