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Here is where you REALLY build up your chops and guitar skills. These online country guitar lessons are designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced players. The more techniques, licks and songs you know, the better the guitar player you become. This is by far, the absolute best way to improve your guitar playing skills. These are the same technique and song lessons available on DVD and Download, and you have access every one of them at a

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Hi Ken, Thank you for the lead guitar tutorials. They are fantastic, well thought out, and presented very well. I’ve learned more in two hours than I have in 2 years! I’d recommend this and other DVDs / Tutorials to anybody at any age. Thanks again.  All the best John S (UK)

Song Lessons

More than 50 song lessons are available in the online members section, and more are added all the time.These lessons teach you how to play the entire song, including the chord progressions, how to play the rhythm parts, and finally the solo or multiple solos.

Here’s a bonus – In addition to the guitar parts (as played on the record), on many songs I also improvise more guitar fill licks and solos in place of the pedal steel, fiddle, or what ever instrument happens to be on the record. More licks to learn!

All the online country guitar lessons are broken down into short segments, and each song will have anywhere from 2 to 12 videos, depending on the complexity of the song.

Improve Your Skills and Theory

The “Technique” category contains all the online guitar lessons for building up your skills and guitar theory knowledge. Unlike the song lessons where I only teach licks, here I teach the theory and thought process going on behind the licks so you have a complete understanding of how they work. I strongly recommend that every start out with the “Beginner-Intermediate Country Lead Course”. Once you’ve mastered everything from this course, learning songs will be much easier – Guaranteed!

Online Licks & Tips

In addition to all the video lessons found in the free section (Youtube videos), the members section has the tablature and jam tracks included with most of these lessons. These are typically shorter lessons, anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes long, but there is gold mine of licks and ideas you can add to your guitar playing!

Tablature and Jam Tracks

All the online country guitar lessons include tablature and jam tracks. The tabs are written in larger bold lettering for easier viewing and most of the jam tracks are playable on the online video player which has an A/B looping feature as well as a slowdown button. Learning how to play country guitar has never been easier and more affordable with these online lessons!

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