Country Guitar Lessons

Customer Feedback

I just wanted to say that Ken’s “Country Guitar Chops” instructional videos has brought my pickin to a whole new level in a short amount of time!  Within one week of studying Ken’s lessons, people from the crowd (at the gig) were commenting on my playing.

Ken breaks it down and it’s easy to learn and understand, unlike some of the other instructional videos on the internet or anywhere else for that matter.

Cody McKinney-The Whiskey Creek Band

Hi Ken, –  I’d like to thank you for what you’ve been doing for all of us. I’ve been plunging into Country music not so long ago, after being able to overcome the first steps into it. Your videos have been of significant importance to me and i’ll sure keep on following you . Thanks again!

Chris Angels

Hi Ken, – Kenny Scarborough here. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your instructions and teaching.  Have to be honest brother, at 63 and have played for 40+ years, I’ve worked for a number of artists through the years, Clay Walker, Johnny Lee and a few others.  My friend there not many I would “pay” to listen to and learn from,… but you are definitely the best for my money.

Kenny Scarborogh

Hi Ken! These DVD’s are amazing! There’s a wealth of knowledge here for such a cheap price! I wish I’d had these when I was a kid! Thank you so much for what you do!

I played with the band Ricochet for 3 years and wished that I could do half of the stuff that Heath Wright was doing beside me every night! Maybe now I can get a little closer!

Kenny Lewis

I’m Stones from Swaziland, Africa ( a small country sharing it’s borders with South Africa & Mozambique). I’m a member of a local country music duo, Dusty & Stones. Some time in 2015 an American friend of ours sent us the “Picking like Paisley” DVD lessons, and, boy, was i trilled. In the band i play lead guitar most of the time, and these dvd’s where all that i needed. I like the way you go about with your lessons, taking things slow, one step at a time. It make life easier even for a beginner. The “Pickin’ like Paisley” dvd’s have really helped me alot. My playing, speed and understanding of country guitar has really improved alot, and thanx to you Ken. Keep up the good work.

Linda Stones

As an audio engineer and musician with 20 years experience in Nashville, 4 years in Los Angeles I can tell you Ken Carlson is a great country player.  I’ve worked with Brent Mason, Albert Lee, Vince Gill and others. I have videos by Brent and Albert.

But not until Ken’s video where he slows things down lick by lick did I really start to learn the country picking style. It’s not easy. It take effort. Ken’s video is the best I’ve ever seen. If you can’t learn from his video then you’re not putting in the time. I’m buying whatever he puts out next.

Joe Wilson

Regarding your “Pickin Like Paisley” set. Since there is only one Paisley, playing all his solos is not what I want, but starting to play that combo scale and the other techniques gives me some great new ideas to add to my arsenal. You’ve made a good job explaining his technique without copying his licks. This video is a natural step from the others you’ve done.

The combination of scales and the way you explain it is the key to the whole video. For that you should have a golden star in your book of life. Keep up the fantastic work!

Michael Holmlund

Hi Ken, Hope things are going well.  I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Liza Jane video that you put out.  The way you structured and taught the lesson was outstanding – and I particularly like the 2nd solo and Outro solo that you included.

You explain things in an easy manner – without a lot of rambling – explaining your thought process along the way. Anyway, please keep up the good work – I’ve been playing guitar for a good 35+ years, but every time I watch your videos I learn something new that I CAN USE…   Proud to be able to call you Friend.


I have bought other tuition materials from top USA country pickers but I just can’t relate…there is something much more ‘accessible’ about your materials and I’m learning SO much…and it sticks too.

Many thanks!

Paul Crump

I‘m becoming almost obsessed with all these amazing tools that you provided me with man!

Its about 3:30am now here in Johannesburg and I’m getting ready for bed, but I’ve been practicing and jamming to your DVD since about 9pm last night and I just can’t seem to get enough! Thanks again Ken for everything!

Peet - Australia

Hey Ken! I ordered the Pickin’ Like Paisley DVD set yesterday! If it’s anything like the rest of your DVDs I know it will be great! I have all of your stuff and it’s great, but I could really tell you done some woodsheddin’ put this thing together.

I pretty much knew I was going to order it when I saw the title, as Paisley’s licks and runs always leave me baffled, lol. But, when I watched the demo video I could hear a difference in your playing immediately! Congrats on getting this DVD together, I can tell put a lot of hard work in it and I can’t wait to start on it! Thanks


This video and the licks are so good! With these three videos (Chicken Pickin, Folsom and Workin Man) in the keys of G, E and A, you’ve really helped me a lot in becoming a much better country guitar player. All that’s left to do is some practicing.

Still working on Folsom, but yesterday I played the rock (jam track) tune and started improvising.  I like the way you force me into thinking and playing. These videos will last a long time!!

Michael - Sweden

Hi Ken. I just wanted to say that this DVD is exactly what I was looking for in terms of how a solo is constructed and the theory/chords positions involved, as opposed to just learning a “hot lick” or two in a vacuum and then being left with no idea where to put it in a practical way….

AJ Love

Excellent Video! As a guitarist who plays a lot of finger-style, I find it extremely important to have a slow and thorough breakdown between the left and right hand parts. You go through it slowly and break it down into enough sections that they can be processed and interpreted very easily.

Most tutorials I see are too rushed, not allowing for an easy learning experience. I liked how you encourage people to take their time with the exercises and learn them the RIGHT way. Thanks for all your help, and I can’t wait for the next video!

Michael L.

In your video you really break the licks down so even I could understand them. I grabbed my guitar and immediately was able to pick some of the licks! Very clear, informative and easy to understand. Thanks a million Ken!

Cody C.

Hey Ken , I got a lot of instructional DVD’s , and your chicken pickin’ one ranks right up there with the
best of them!


Brian Rowsell

Hi Ken , Just a note to let you know that I recently bought the Fast As You lesson and it was absolutely terrific. It’s taken me about two weeks to get through it, but the explanation was excellent and the associated material was great. I appreciate it!


Jeff Cunningham