Alan Jackson’s – Chattahoochee Intro Guitar Lesson


In today’s country guitar lesson I’m going to teach you how I play Brent Mason’s guitar part for Alan Jackson’s song Chattahoochee. On the record, Brent played the guitar parts and a fiddle played the harmony parts. As you can see, I played the guitar parts and the harmony parts on top of that at the same time. In order to pull this off we have to use double stops. So the song is in C, and we start by playing that notes on the fifth string second and third fret, and then jump down to the six string, and resolve the first half of the lick back on the fifth string. Now, for the second half of the intro lick we need to use a finger all along with the pick and play double stops. Even though I use a thumb pick, I gripped the thumbpick like a flat-pick with my index finger, and use my middle finger to catch the harmony string. Watched the video closely because I’m not playing and double stops for every note. Most of the notes are double stops, but there are one or two that are picked as single notes. This is a fairly hard like to play and will take some time a to get it down, so take your time and try not to get frustrated. It took me a while to get this lick worked out!


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