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Country Guitar Licks

4 hot solos played over the polpular “Folsom Prison Blues” progression. More great licks to add to your vocabulary! Please read description below and watch preview video.


Learn Sizzling Hot Country Guitar Licks

Since the release of my first “Modern Chicken Pickin” DVD, I’ve had many requests to make a video lesson with solos over the “Folsom” progression in the key of E, so here it is! “Folsom Blues Solo Ideas” includes 4 kick butt modern country chicken pickin guitar solos played over the old classic. Of course, these licks can be played over hundreds of others progressions as well, and that’s why I named it “Solo Ideas”. This guitar lesson DVD is loaded up full of great sounding licks that you can quickly learn and add to your own arsenal of chops. I go into great detail breaking down each lick to help you understand the chord shapes behind them and the scale idea’s I use to navigate the neck as I play them.

If you’ve got my first Chicken Pickin DVD, your going to love this one. I’ve got some great feedback from customers all over the world, and they say it’s really helping them to understand how to put licks together and come up with their own guitar lead riffs and solo’s. Check out some feedback I’ve recently received from other guitar players on the right hand column of this page.

In addition to teaching you some awesome sounding country guitar licks, I also spend some time going over some rhythm pattern idea’s as well. Great lead playing starts with a solid foundation and understanding of rhythm playing. This is how you develop a “groove” that will spill over to your lead playing. I’ve Tabbed out each and every lick myself, note for note. So you don’t have to worry about the tab being off like most of the tableture out there. I’ve also included the GPX files so you can play them on Guitar Pro Software if you have it. Guitar Pro makes it even easier to learn these hot chicken pickin licks because you can hear the tab play as you watch it on the screen!

With influences from some great chicken pickers like Brent Mason, Brad Paisley, Ray Flacke and others, you’ll learn some cool sounding “Ear Twisters” using syncopated licks and other techniques such as open string licks, double stops, the use of two note intervals, string bending, hitting the “blue note”, and much, much more. Every Lick Is explained in close up detail with right and left hand views.


One of the Jam Tracks is a completely different rock groove where I play the same licks, but with a different “feel” and syncopation to help give you an idea how to apply these licks in various songs.

Lesson is Approximately 90 minutes in length and includes jam tracks and tablature.

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