Workin Man Blues Solo Ideas


Smokin’ Hot County Guitar Licks

Learn how to play country guitar “chicken pickin’ style over the the infamous “Workin Man Blues” progression. Every player needs a few solos under their belt when your jamming to this song.


More Smokin Chicken Pickin Licks
You Need To Add To Your Lick Vocabulary!

These licks and ideas will work over any progression and chicken pickin style song. If you have any of my other instructional videos, Modern Chickin Pickin and Folsom Blues Solo Ideas, then you know that I not only show you how to play all the licks, but I go into great detail to explain everything about it, including the chord shapes I’m “thinking” around while playing a lick, and how the notes of a lick fit into and around a particular chord or type of scale pattern.
I also explain why I might choose a specific lick to play here and there and variations of many licks so you can choose how you might want to play it yourself over various songs. As in all my videos, I try to teach you how to be a guitar “thinker” rather than a guitar “player” just copying licks.

I named this instructional video lesson “Solo Ideas” like the previous Folsom Blues Solo Ideas video, because I want to really emphasize that I look at solos in songs like these, more as ideas of what I’m about to play a split second before my fingers play the notes on the fret board. I’m rarely set on playing a chicken pickin style lead the same way twice. I’m always mixing it up and play it different most of the time.

More Cool Lick Ideas From Guys Like
Brent Mason, Brad Paisley, Ray Flacke,
and of course…. James Burton!
You get over an hour and a half of hard core country guitar licks played over the Workin Man Blues progression. I put together 4 great solos with more of my favorite licks. Combine them and mix them up for an endless array mind blowing chicken pickin madness!

4 Full Smokin’ Hot Chicken Pickin’ Solos

Add these Explosive licks and ideas to your arsenal and see your guitar skills dramatically improve!

Discover The Secrets To Dynamic Country Techniques Like…

Poppin’ Double Stops

Blazing Triplet Runs

Rhythm Grooves

Open String Licks

String Bending

And Much, Much More!

Lesson is Approximately 92 minutes in length and includes jam tracks and tablature.

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