Mastering The Fret Board


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4 Disc Set – Understanding and knowing your way up and down the fret board is the secret to becoming a great guitar player. If you don’t know your way around the neck, this lesson is a must. Read description and preview another video below.


Learn How To Master Your Guitar Fret Board


Let’s start with the basics

I’m often surprised by many good guitar players that really don’t know or understand what they are playing. They’ve memorized all these scales and licks, and seam to know their way around the fret board. But when I’m teaching them a lick and say something like ” I’m playing out of this position” or ” I’m going up the scale in 3rds”, they get that deer in the headlight look! They have no idea what I’m talking about. So I put this video together, and totally explain in simple layman’s terms, how I learned, and use intervals and triads to effortlessly work my way up and down the neck.

Who This Course Will Benefit The Most

1. If you are a beginner with a basic knowledge of how to play the guitar (such as open position chords and barr chords), and would like to progress quickly.

2. You are an intermediate player That’s “hit a wall” and are stuck at your current level and would like to learn how to advance past this.

I Had No Idea It Would Be This Popular

This is certainly one of my best selling courses. I get more emails from customers raving about how these lessons have helped them out more than any other lessons they’ve ever had and how this course has taken their playing to a whole new level.

*Learn The Degrees Of The Scales – This Applies To Any Scale Or Mode!

* Learn How Every Chord Is Made – From The Degrees Of The Major Scale.

* Complete Breakdown Of The CAGED Chord System – And How We Use This To Play Over The Entire Fret board.

* The Secret To Playing Intervals & Triads – How To Break Chords Down Into Smaller, Easy To Understand pieces.

* The “Number System” Associated With Chords And Scales

* How To Apply This Simple Method To Easily Master The Fretboard!

Disc 2


In this part we take knowledge and techniques we learned from disc 1….

and apply it to a couple of song progressions. I choose a fast song and a slow song. The first song 5 solos over the Dwight Yoakam hit “Guitars And Cadillacs”. This is just a great song to jam over. It’s a simple 1-5 progression (If you don’t know what that means, part 1 will teach you), and I could play different interval style solos over it all day long. And you will too after you learn these solos I’ve come up with.

Important – Keep in mind that this is not a mere lesson about how to play these particular songs. I just used these “progressions” as a groove to play over. Use these licks and ideas to play over ANY SONG, In Any Style Of Music.

Lesson is Approximately 2 hours & 42 minutes in length and includes jam tracks and tablature. 2 DVD’s & 2 CD Disc’s

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