Beginner Lead Guitar Course


Learn how to play Country Lead Guitar

Whether your a beginner or intermediat player, his 12 disc DVD set (14 download files) will teach you how to improvise a great sounding solo over any country style song. Over 9 hours of video instruction.



“I just spent my weekend listening to every DVD in Ken’s new Beginner/Intermediate Country Lead Guitar Course & it is outstanding!!! Highly recommended to all guitarists of all experience levels!!”  –  Roderick Paul Robin



Beginner-Intermediate Country Lead Guitar Course

Are you a beginner lead guitar player wanting to learn how to play country style lead guitar? Or maybe you’ve been play for awhile already but you struggle when you try improvising a solo. If this is you, this is the lead guitar course your going to want to study! Designed with both the beginner and intermediate player in mind, these lessons cover everything from the very basic barr chords to combining all the scales your going to learn to create your own sweat solos.

This Course Covers

  • Basic Techniques
    Alternate Picking & Exercises
    String Bends
    Hammer on’s
    Pull off’s
    The 7 Most Commonly Used Scales For Country Lead Guitar
    How To Play All The Scales In 7 Positions Up And Down The Neck
    Combining The Scales
    18 Solo Examples
    80 Jam Tracks In Various Keys!
    82 Tablature and Diagrams
    Easy To Understand Teaching

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in

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