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Brad Paisley Style Guitar Lessons

7 Disc Set. Discover the techniques that Paisley uses to get that unique ear twisting sound that he’s famous for. The most comprehensive study available on the style of Brad Paisley.


Learn To Play Guitar Like Brad Paisley

Are You Ready To Discover The Amazing Style And Techniques From One Of The Greatest Country Guitar Players Of All Time?


Over the past couple years I’ve had many requests to do a video lesson about the guitar picking style of Brad Paisley. So, I finally decided to tackle this project, and 5 months later, it wound up being a staggering 7 disc set, full of smokin’ hot Paisley style licks and blazing guitar solos.

Now, I didn’t want to just do a half-hearted job on this video, so I spent an entire 2 months just studying his style and the techniques he uses to get that unmistakable “Paisley” sound. And let me tell you, it was a long and tedious 2 months! But as I went along, I noticed that some patterns were starting to emerge, and before long I was able to listen to one of his solos and have a very good idea of what he was playing before I even started working out the licks. These are the same techniques that I’m going to teach you throughout this 7 Disc Instructional Video Series!

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Picking Techniques Revealed – Paisley incorporates a variety of methods to his picking style, and it’s important to know when and where he uses them.

Unlock The Secret To Paisley’s Tone – Learn how he get’s his unique tone. It’s NOT with the effect pedals!

Virtually Double Your Existing Lick Vocabulary By Using Just ONE of the many techniques I discovered while studying his amazing style!

Triple Your Lick Vocabulary! Apply this next simple technique to your licks and not only triple your lick vocabulary, but “hear” how they take on that unmistakable “Paisley Sound”!

Unleash The Secret’s To Paisley’s “Ear Twister” Licks – Learn how he uses just 1 “chord apeggio” as a spring board to play those incredible ear twister licks that throws into his mind blowing lead runs!

63 Pages Of Complete Tableture & Music Notation – 170 lick examples fully tabbed out including the music notation.

Off The Cuff Bonus Lick Ideas – Just like all my other videos, as I’m explaining various licks throughout the video lessons, I’m always coming up with different ideas for playing them and applying them over solos. Bonus!

18 Blistering Solo Examples – Throughout this video course I play and completely break down 18 solo rides for you.

20 Smoking Jam Tracks Included! – To help you practice and master all these incredible guitar licks and techniques from this amazing course, I’ve added 20 “Train Beat” style Jam Tracks in different keys, chord progressions, and at various tempos.

Nothing But The Licks! – Once you’ve watched all the videos a few times and have absorbed the powerful techniques I teach you, it’s time to hit the wood shed and practice them. So, to help make things easier for you,
Disc 6 is nothing but lick examples, played fast, then slow, with hardly any talking going on.

If your familiar with my other videos,you’ll know that my teaching methods are straight to the point, solid instruction, that teaches you how to “think” as a guitar player,not just copy someone’s licks. There are more than 170 Lick examples and 18 solo examples spread out over this course! I put 20 jam tracks together for you to practice with,a combination of common progressions, in different keys, and at various tempos to help you master and enjoy playing his style. Even if you’re not a Paisley fan, this video set is a must for every Guitar player that wants to broaden their country guitar chicken pickin skills. You can apply all of these “secret techniques” to your own style and existing licks, and virtually double or even triple your lick vocabulary by using just 2 of the techniques I teach in this course!

This is not an instructional video course that will teach you how to play entire Paisley songs note for note. For copyright reasons I couldn’t do that if I wanted to.
The purpose of this course is to teach you his style and the many techniques that he uses to make up his over all sound. I chose to teach you the guitar licks, and ideas for coming up with your own Paisley style licks, that you can apply to an unlimited number of songs, and not the ones that don’t lend themselves to incorporate into other songs or progressions.

Lesson is Approximately 2 hours & 42 minutes in length and includes jam tracks and tablature. 2 DVD’s & 2 CD Disc’s

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