Modern Chicken Pickin’


More than 45 hot chicken pickin licks, in the styles of today’s greatest players, played over a fast train beat progression. Mix these licks up to come up with hundreds of possible licks! See more preview videos below.


How To Play Country Chicken Pickin Style Guitar

If you’ve ever wondered how some country guitarist seem to play all those blazing fast chicken pickin solo’s with such astonishing speed and agility, but yet make it look so amazingly simple and easy, then you’ll want to keep reading the important information on this page. It will drastically change the way you play. I’ve taken my 40 years of experience and spent months putting together this exciting instructional DVD course just for people like yourself that want to learn how to play country guitar, or become a better guitar player than you are right now.

I’m going to teach you how to TURBO-BOOST your skills FAST and apply all these licks and techniques not only in the country chicken pickin style, but any style. Every mind blowing lick is slowed down, broken down, and played 2 or 3 times on each hand so you can‘t help but to SKY-ROCKET your guitar skills as you watch the video.

Amazing Chicken Pickin Techniques You’ll Learn

How Guitar Players Think While They Solo – One of the secret keys to playing a mind blowing solo.

How To Get Out Of The “Slump” Every Player Goes Thru – We all hit a wall every so often that seems impossible to get past.

How To Improvise Any Solo – Now That’s FUN! This is what Guitar playing is all about to me, as I hardly ever play the same solo the same way twice.

What Chicken Pickin Is – It’s a lot more than just one simple technique. It’s a combination of many different techniques and styles.

How To Maneuver Around The Fret Board – Once you’ve studied my DVD lessons, you will have a vast knowledge of the fret board so you can play this fast and exciting style.

The Proper Gear For That Nashville Sound – Which guitars, pedals and amplifiers work best for getting that modern country guitar Chicken Pickin sound.

The Essential Scales That Makes Up Country Guitar Sound – Learn which scales make up that cool Nashville guitar sound.

Finger Exercises For Both Hands For Lightning Fast Picking – I’m going to show you some muscle memory exercises that will strengthen and build up the coordination in both hands.


NOTE: Video quality is poor due to over compressing for internet viewing. DVD and Download video is much higher quality.

So What Makes Me A Chicken Pickin Expert?

Well, I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I have been playing this stuff for about 40 years now and have developed a technique, or “system” that I use to navigate the neck while playing those fast solo’s.

I grew up playing the guitar to country music. I certainly can play other styles, but I really enjoy playing the “Chicken Pickin” style. It’s pretty challenging. I was fortunate to be able to play with a fellow named Don Kelley for a while when I lived in Nashville. He’s the one who helped inspire me to be a better guitar player.

Private lessons from a “qualified” instructor is a great resource to have, if you can afford it. I couldn’t, and there wasn’t any “country” guitar instructors where I come from, not anyone that knows this hot modern country chicken pickin style anyway, so purchasing videos was the most affordable and best way for me to learn.

What I don’t like about most instructional videos is that they don’t show you how to use the licks in context with a song. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, so it helps me to hear licks played along to a rhythm track. Some videos don’t break down and explain the licks either, as well as provide good close up shots of each hand so you can easily see what’s going on in close detail.


More Exciting Modern Chicken Pickin DVD Features

More Than 44 Hot Chicken Pickin Licks – These are 2 measures long. Break them in half for combining licks, and youve got more than 88 chops that will turn every listeners head and have them saying WOW!

How To Combine Licks Together For Endless Possibilities – I teach you how to break down licks and combine them to increase your lick vocabulary.

Close Up Camera Shots Of Both Hands For Easier Learning – Full on, right hand, and left hand camera’s use for the video, for a total of 3 detailed shot angles.

Super Cool Tricks With Techniques Like Double Stops – Awesome sounding Double Stop tricks that I use to make up for missing harmony parts when you don’t have other lead instruments in your band to cover those parts.

The Lesson is 1 hr. and 30 minutes long. Includes jam tracks and tablature.

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